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Purchasers MUST mail in Registration Form in order to have the warranty to be effective.
Our company warrants to the original purchaser that the new pedicure spa will be defect free during the Standard Warranty Period (Listed below). The shipping date and the Serial Number on the back of each Spa will justify the start of the warranty period for the product. The warranty is null and avoid if the pedicure spa taken from its initial place of installation, or it is not installed in accordance with federal, state or local codes and ordinances. Also, this warranty does not apply if the pedicure spa has been subject to misapplication, improper installation or maintenance, negligence, improper cleaning or circumstances beyond our company's control

warranty Conditions

1. Limited one Year warranty on Spa Shell
2. Limited one Year warranty on the Jet Motor
3. Limited one Year Parts-Only warranty which covers the Hydraulic System,  Discharge Pump, Massage System and All Electrical Components.
4. Our Company  will pay shipping charges on all replacement parts during the first 90 Days of the Warranty Period. After 90 days, the customer is responsible for all labor and shipping costs incurred.



1. Damage to pump parts and/or motor parts due to obstruction in plumbing lines etc.
2. Staining, fading or discoloration of fiber glass surfaces due to exposure and/or the use of harmful cleaning agents , Acetone or chemicals.
3. Staining, fading or discoloration caused by improper or poor water additives not related to the maintenance of proper water are not covered by this warranty.
4. Staining, fading or discoloration of the seat, armrests or footrest.
5. Freight damage without stating on BOL, misuse, neglect, unauthorized repairs, accident, natural disaster and unreasonable use.

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